GENDUN SENGE (1489-1558)

The second incarnation, Thrangu Rinpoche Gendun Senge, was born in the Female Earth Bird Year (1489) near his monastery to a family descended from the Kyura, The 7th Karmapa Chodrak Gyatso recognized him and indicated that he was an emanation of one of Guru Rinpoche’s twenty-five mahasiddha disciples, Shubu Palgyi Senge.  He named the tulku Gendun Senge.  At that time, Chodrak Gyatso was thirty-six.

Gendun Senge received many empowerments and instructions from the 7th Karmapa and Gendun Senge regarded him as his root lama.  As the sangha grew at Thrangu Monastery and the teachings flourished a second temple was built to accommodate everyone.

Chodrak Gyatso died in 1506 at the age of fifty-three.  The 8th Karmapa Mikyo Dorje was born in the Female Fire Rabbit Year of the ninth cycle (1507) and was invited to Thrangu Monastery in 1514 at the age of eight.  According to The Golden Garland, “He went to Tsarshi and saw the deities of Tara at the Tara Rock.  He went to Tsi Ngur and saw Kyopa Rinpoche.  Gendun Senge invited him to Kyura in Chutso Shong”.  Nowadays, Chutso Shong  is a small pond in the summer that dries up in the winter and the Mahakala dance is performed there.

He also met the 4th Shamar Chen Nga Chokyi Drakpa and the Mahasiddha Sangye Nyenpa.  He followed the two of his lamas, receiving innumerable empowerments and key instructions from them.  In particular, he also studied the mandala rituals from Ngok’s tradition according to the manuals written by the 4th Shamar and initiated  new grand pujas of them.  The tradition of the empowerments, transmissions and practice were preserved uninterrupted and Jamgon Rinpoche described how magnificent this deed was in the index to the “Treasury of Kagyu Mantras”.

Gendun Senge brought benefit to the teachings and beings and nurtured the sangha until he passed away at the age of seventy in the Earth Horse Year of the ninth cycle (1558).


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