4th Thrangu Tulku

KARMA NAMGYAL (1626-1694)

The 4th Thrangu Tulku Karma Namgyal was born in the Male Fire Tiger Year of the tenth cycle (1626).  He was recognized by the 10th Karmapa Choying Dorje.  In general he behaved simply and had few activities but he was extremely diligent in his practice and thus had great miraculous powers.

At that time, the Mongol armies had conquered Qinghai region and brought the strife of war to the region of Dokham.  Soldiers arrived at the monastery and their general, Hor Chokyap stormed into the Great Mahakala temple where an old monk was playing the drum.  The general saw him suddenly disappear into the drum so he stabbed the drum with a knife and tore it down out of hatred and pride.  He then took the drum and cast it off the Genyen Dong but it rolled back up and went into the Mahakala temple.  He followed it back up but when he reached the door of the temple he spat up blood and died..  The drum was unharmed and can been seen up to this day.  While this was happening, the soldiers were brewing and drinking tea near a good spring.  When they heard the story of the general’s death, they fainted from grief and terror and so the spring became known as the “Fainting Enemy Spring”.

In any case, because of Karma Namgyal’s miraculous powers, he was able to protect the monastery from being destroyed or vandalized.  He lived to the age of sixty-nine providing great service to beings and the teachings until his death in the Wood Dog Year of the twelfth cycle (1694).


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