7th Thrangu Tulku


The 7th Thrangu Tulku Karma Ngedon Gyatso was born in the Water Horse Year of the fourteenth cycle (1822) in a household called Drukhang Ngontsang. Later the great scholar and meditator Dru Jamyang Drakpa was also born into the same family.  Karma Ngedon Gyatso did not appear to have great qualities and continually recited Manis.  He completed seven hundred million recitations of the MANI mantra.  Together with Traleg Rinpoche Nyima, he rebuilt the monastery after it had been destroyed in the earthquake and following Karmapa Tekchok Dorje’s advice they invited the great Terton Chokgyur Lingpa to the monastery and he performed the ceremony of taming the earth.  They established an elaborate “Embrace of Means and Wisdom” long life puja with lama dancing based upon the pure visions of the great Terton.

The 14th Karmapa came and made the masks for the protector in the great Mahakala temple.  On the top of the Mahakala temple there were Mahakala and consort and a black umbrella with the five members of the retinue, each of which has its own life stone and life chakra.  Later he enthroned the reincarnation of the Traleg Yeshe Nyima, the 7th Traleg Kunkhyap Nyima.

The 1st Zuru Tulku, who was identified by the great Terton Chokgyur Lingpa as the dharma master of the White Amitayus and who also was known as an emanation of the Elder Bakula, lived in Tsurphu and headed the Zuru monastic community.  The 2nd Zuru Tulku was born in Jago and spent his life simply at a mountain retreat called Zuru Dong.  The 3rd Zuru Tulku was born in Dru Seru and brought to Thrangu Monastery.  The later incarnations all live at Thrangu. The 4th Zuru Tulku was born near the monastery and became very skilled in rituals, lama dancing and so forth.

The 4th Lodro Nyima Mingyur Shepa Tsai, who had extraordinary and unusual qualities went forth and became fully ordained on the same occasion as Thrangu Karma Nyedon Gyatso, so they were Dharma brothers. 

The 7th Thrangu Tulku identified and enthroned the next incarnation of Lodro Nyima.  He continued his activity on behalf of the teachings until the age of iffy-six when he demonstrated how to pass away while sitting in meditation at Gyam Gyal Doti Gangkar.  This was in the Fire Ox Year of the fifteenth cycle (1877)


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