May 13, 2004

Dear Dharma Friends,

Tashi Delek. With most beloved Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche's blessing and the generosity of Rinpoche's disciples worldwide, the construction of the Nupri Thrangu Tashi Choling Monastery is almost half done. (50% of the construction is done so far).

Ven. Tulku Damcho and Tenzin Dorji are in the three year retreat at Bhaktapur in Nepal. So therefore, Ven. Lama Namdhak is taking care of all the responsibilities of the new monastery building. There are two others monks helping him every year.

As you all may know that Hinang, a place where Rinpoche is building this monastery, is a very remote area in the Himalayan region of Nepal, the construction work is taking quite a long time. The expenditure is also very high comparing that of with in Kathmandu. Every necessary construction materials have to be taken by the porters and monks for 7 days walk from the most near District Headquarter city of Gorkha. To complete the monastery, we are still in need of your kind help and generosity what ever is possible so please help us to fulfill this wish of our beloved Rinpoche and lamas.

I hope you may enjoy looking at some of the construction pictures here (see links below).

May the blessing of the Buddha Dharma benefit all beings.
With best wishes from,

Khenpo Chongyal
Project coordinator.


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