"Calling the Lama by e-mail"
(submitted August 1, 2000)

Namo MahaKarunikaye

You guide all beings like a lamp so bright
Gentle and Kind
Unmoved by disturbing emotions
Show us the way to release and relax
Open Spacious and Free

You are the light that guides the Boatman ashore
The right turning conch, the Melodious sound, that guides the shepard and the sheep
Let Your Blessings fall on this worthy place,
And on Your students on the Path of Peace.

The path can get rocky
The winds of Karma blow Klesha's Storm
The Sea can be full of waves
Mountains fall down and children grow up
Please Keep your light shining bright

The Changeless Nature, our only peace
The Refuge for limitless beings

Please Lama Tulku Mahasiddha Thrangu,
Supreme Abbot and Siddha of the Kagyu Lineage,
Like the Sun shining bright in a cloud free sky
Please Lama, Show Us the Way

Help us Save the limitless sentient beings.
By Pointing Out, May All be Spontaneously Present!
May our Practice be Perfect and our Path Direct
May we never stray from the Buddha Activity of the Changeless Supreme Dharma.

This contrivance of words, may it express our heart felt wish, to call the Lama from Afar.

Karma Jurme Damcho

Ah La La, Ah Lo Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho

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