" It is my wish that the medical clinic serve all the people living in the poor and isolated area surrounding Namo Buddha.
Women, children, laborers, and the elderly all benefit from this very needed service. Please support this project."
    Thrangu Rinpoche

The Menla Medical Clinic
serves the villagers near Thrangu Rinpoche’s Namo Buddha Monastery with low-cost medicine, health care services and essential preventative health information. Far from other medical services, this clinic provides a clean, dignified place where about 3,000 local villagers receive care.

Visiting doctors, a university-trained health care worker and trained monks from the monastery work in a beautiful, new clinic that is part of the Thrangu Monastery campus. Its pharmacy delivers life-saving medicines to treat heart, lung and gastro-intestinal illnesses at low or no cost. After careful diagnosis, the medical staff provides medications that greatly improve the lives of the local people and monks. The clinic also provides simple treatments for skin diseases, burns, infections, diarrhea and allergies that could become debilitating or fatal if left untreated.

Namo Buddha Retreat Center and Monastic College is located in the mountains two hours from Katmandu, Nepal. Here the Buddha in a previous lifetime offered his body to a starving tigress so she wouldn't eat her cubs. The Free Clinic is on monastery grounds, which is located on this site.

All donations are tax deductible

For donor information, contact Debra Ann Robinson of the Himalayan Children's Fund. USA - Telephone (310) 395-6616
E-mail: debraannr@mac.com

Or send check to:

In the United States: 

Himalayan Children's Fund

P.O. Box 15644
Beverly Hills, California  90209
Director: Debra Ann Robinson
Telephone:  (310) 395-6616

In Europe:
Karma Kagyu Charity, (Special Account Tashi Choling)
Tibetisch-Buddhistische Religionsgemeinschaft
Vajra Vidya Centre,
Wackerstr. 47d,
Lindau, Germany
Tel: 49-8382-6807

In Canada:
Namo Buddha Foundation Canada
Public Foundation Reg. No. #89122 5211 RR 0001

PO Box 46898, STN. D.
Vancouver, BC   CANADA   V6J 5M4
Kate Ayers: Communication/Membership
Website: namobuddhacanada.org
Email: kate.a.ayers@gmail.com

In the United Kingdom:

42 Magdelen Road
Oxford OX4 1RB, UK

Make cheques payable to: "Thrangu Rinpoche Trust"
Please specify what the donation is for.
To wire money directly to the bank:
Sort Code: 301251
Account Number: 7444333
Address: Lloyds TSB Bank, Cowley Branch,
1 Pound Way, Cowley, Oxfordshire,

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