The Vajra Vidya Center Building

The floor plan of the 2nd floor showing the rooms and the shrine room.

Floor plan of the 2nd Floor of the Retreat Center showing the three phases in which the Center will be built. First to be built will be Phase I which will have 10 rooms (which are 8 by 11 feet), a retreat master's room, and bathrooms. If funds for Phase II cannot be raised by May, 2004, then the 8th and 9th retreat rooms will be made into a temporary shrine room. Also if only Phase I is built there will be bathrooms upstairs and downstairs (for men and women).

After careful consultation with many persons (including, of course, Thrangu Rinpoche who is abbot of a number of retreat centers) it was decided to build the building out of masonry (ICF to be exact which is roughly two insulated foam boards with 8 inches of concrete inside). This will be provide high insulation (necessary because Crestone is cold in the winter being at 8, 200 feet in altitude) and will also make the rooms soundproof. Heating will be hot water radiant heat on the 1st floor and radiators in each room on the second floor so each retreatant can regulate his or her own room temperature. Each room will have a large 3'6" by 3'6" foot window, a bed, a small shrine, and a small table and chair.

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