Overview of San Luis Valley

In this photo you can see Kit Carson and Crestone Peak. The cluster of buildings below is the Shumei International Institute. The 35 acres of the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center lie below here and a little to the south. Four 14teeners nestle the little town of Crestone. As you look out to the West you see a large plain and underneath is the largest water aquifer in the United States. The views from this location are mixed with the magic of the Sangre de Cristo range and the grounded earth quality of the plains. The area's history is woven with the movement of many native tribes and has continued to be a pilgrimage place for the Ute and Arapaho. There are rocks in the mountains that are formed into meditation type seats and several medicine wheel formations have been discovered. On the Vajra Vidya Retreat land, a student of Rinpoche's found two beautiful and old arrowheads. This Crestone landscape has also been identified by His Holiness the 16th Karmapa as an auspicious and sacred location.

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