Downtown Crestone

Crestone proper is a small village with a population of 200. The town is close to the subdivision that increases the population to about 1000. The subdivision is home to most of the 27 spiritual groups and a hearty population that lives year around in this remote community. Crestone has become known for it emphasis on sustainable building construction and focus on conscious living. There are identified spiritual groups but other individuals themselves could probably add to the different spiritual belief systems that coexist in the Crestone area. This eclectic foundation is part of why this is a special place. It is at the bottom line a place where people search and dedicate their lives to a higher understanding. And their commitment to keeping the earth scared shows that they have already attained some higher awareness. There are now several Tibetan groups and many students of the various teachers are looking to Crestone as a place for the future. It already has several retreat cabins where practitioners come. A need has been identified for people looking for a long-term retreat center. This makes the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center a long awaited practice environment.

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