Thrangu Rinpoche's Three visits to Crestone (2001-2003)

Thrangu Rinpoche on the land for the first time

In the summer of 2001, Thrangu Rinpoche visited with Hanne Strong to discuss the possibility of receiving land from the Manitou Foundation. Here Thrangu Rinpoche is talking with Maria and her son, one of the persons who helped build the Tashi Gomang stupa.

The land before any building has begun.
The prayer flags mark where Rinpoche indicated the center should be

During the first visit to the land, Thrangu Rinpoche was unable to go up further than the road so he requested a map and pointed to a spot that his monks and several other people preceded to walk to. With video camera in hand, Chonyi Rangdrol Rinpoche's monk took pictures and when they returned they were explaining to Rinpoche what they had seen. That night we viewed the pictures. The monks had found the spot that Rinpoche had identified on the map. This was the building site for the retreat center.

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