Drupon Rinpoche

         When Karma Lhabu was two years old, he was brought before Wa Shul Khenpo, who remarked, "I think this little one will become someone with great qualities, unlike others." At the age of seven he entered Tsab Tsa Monastery's educational system, and he became a monk at fourteen, receiving the name Thubten Karma Shenpen. Following a three-month pilgrimage to Lhasa to see the Jowo and other pilgrimage sites, he studied the three vows, grammar and handwriting, as well as torma making, ritual procedures, recitations, chanting, musical instruments, dance, and the drawing of mandalas.
            Receiving instructions from his two lamas, Drupon Rinpoche Karma Sherab and Lama Senge, he entered retreat in 1988. Through practicing repeatedly over many years, he engendered exceptional qualities of experience and realization, as well as the signs of successful practice.
            He a master of the vast and profound dharmas of the orally transmitted teachings (kama) and the revealed treasure teachings (terma).  His lamas transmitted to him the totality of their profound teachings, empowerments, guidance, and pith instructions. Saying that there was the auspicious coincidence for him to become the chief of all vidyadharas, they crowned him Rigdzin Choje Gyalpo, "Vidyadhara Dharma King."
            In 1994, he went to Serta Dharma encampment in easten Tibet, where he received numerous empowerments and extensive instructions from the great spiritual master Khenpo Jigme Puntsok and came to comprehend the entire intended meaning of the vast ocean of sutras, tantras and pith instructions. Remaining there for several years, he also received many tantric empowerments as well as teachings on the texts of the Middle Way, valid cognition, logic and reasoning, the vinaya sutras, the instructions on Dzogchen, the channels and winds, and so on, from many other learned khenpos, masters, and lineage holders.
            In 1999, he met Kyabje Thrangu Rinpoche in Nepal and went on pilgrimage to India, where he gave teachings on the vinaya at the Vajra Vidya Institute in Sarnath, India. Later he traveled to teach at various Dharma centers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. To enhance his ability to explain and translate the Dharma, he studied Chinese. He also founded a Dharma center in Taiwan called Chokyi Drin Pung Ling.  In addition to serving as retreat master of Thrangu Rinpoche's three-year retreat center in Bhaktapur, Nepal, he is retreat master and a teacher at Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland,
            Khenpo Lhabu has received empowerments, teachings, and transmissions from more than thirteen spiritual masters from all of Tibet's schools: Sakya, Gelug, and Nyingma, as well as Jonang, Drukpa Kagyu, Karma Kagyu, and so on. He has travelled to many countries to spread the teachings of scripture and realization.

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