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Sponsorship only covers part of the cost of providing the many programs developed by Thrangu Rinpoche. We greatly depend on donations that are not directed to any particular student, monk, or nun but for the fund in general. These donations will be appropriated according to the current needs.
Sometimes a sponsor forgets or can no longer pay so we need to be able to cover the cost of school fees and supplies. General funds may also provide new uniforms, socks and shoes, school supplies, beds and bedding. It will supply food and costly fruit, pay hospital bills and maintenance costs. Since the cost of living has increased greatly in Nepal and continues to rise, general donations fill in the gaps that sponsorships do not meet and can keep the cost of sponsorship down. Basically, we want to be able to provide whatever is necessary as the need arises.

For more information please contact:
Debra Ann Robinson-Menzies, Director 310.395.6616 -
Himalayan Children's Fund P.O. Box 15644, Beverly Hills, California 90209 USA

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