Gift Giving/Shopping
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Gift Giving/Shopping

Goodsearch and Goodshop
When you browse or shop online you can benefit HCF with no cost to you!
We are teamed with Goodsearch and Goodshop.
Add Goodsearch to your browser and choose HCF as
your favorite nonprofit. Every time you search we receive
a donation. When you shop online through Goodshop a
percentage of your purchase goes to HCF ~ at no cost to you.

Gift Giving Ideas

* Give A Two-Way Gift
When you purchase the Giving Ring and/or the Giving Ring Pendant from Stone Lily 100% of the net profits are donated to the global beneficiary of your choice. HCF/Shree Mangal Dvip School is one of ten choices. Please visit:

* Purchase Art
James Daniel III will donate a percentage of his profits from all paintings and drawings purchased directly from him to the HCF.

* Donate in someone's name
When you give a gift in someone's name to HCF, they receive a notification card with a prayer by Thrangu Rinpoche. Give any amount for HCF in general, or specify the gift for any project or special need.
(i.e. food for the monks school, trees for Namo Buddha, music program for SMD, medicine...)

* Give a gift card
If you purchase a Good Card through Network For Good your gift allows someone to make a charitable donation:

Shambhala Publications Inc. Save on books and help
Himalayan Children's Fund

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