November 2006

Dear Friends of the Himalayan Children's Fund,

Many of you have asked for an update about the activities you help to support so I am sending a few photos (see below) and some news from my recent visit to Nepal.

Also, for those of you interested in hearing more about Shree Mangal Dvip School, the latest newsletter is now available at the following link:

I was in Nepal and India again this year during the time of Thrangu Rinpoche's seminars and able to take some new photos and visit with many of the children, monks and nuns. As you may be aware, this was also during the strikes and government imposed curfews in Kathmandu. Due to the restrictions on travel I was unable to visit Namo Buddha and Tara Abbey this year, but because of the turmoil most of the monks and nuns stayed at the monastery and school in Boudha. In fact, many nuns had to sleep in the school library for nearly a week during the Mani Drupchen! We all looked after each other and we we very fortunate that everyone was safe. The turmoil still comes and goes in Nepal, but recently there was another cease-fire called by the rebels. We can still hope for peace.
This year we had a donation of listening centers (headphones with cassette players) for the school along with a new large screen television. Several sponsors also sent educational DVD's and films which were a big hit.
I was present for the end of year exams and award ceremony as well as a cultural presentation for Thrangu Rinpoche. The monastic staff, seminar students, school children, nuns and monks all attended and it was a delightful day. Lighting inside the school was difficult so the photos of the dancing are a bit dark, but I hope they share something of how special the performances were. Several monks performed a special Lama Dance that is only done in Thrangu Gompa in Tibet; Tara Abbey nuns did a Tara dance; and children from the school also performed songs and dances from their villages.
We are pleased that Rinpoche's projects are so well supported. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. To identify current projects that need additional support, please check
Please keep in mind that the Himalayan Children's Fund is a great way to give a gift. When you give for any occasion on behalf of someone you love we acknowledge the donation with a beautiful calligraphy card by Thrangu Rinpoche. Please contact me if you would like assistance in making any arrangments.
Thank you all for your help in making Rinpoche's projects successful.

Best Wishes,
Debra Ann Robinson
Himalayan Children's Fund


Final Exams
Lama Dance
Nuns performing Tara Dance
School Assembly
New listening centers
How many does it take to jump rope?
A large screen makes a difference

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