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HCF Organization

HCF is a small organization run by a few volunteers empowered by joy and modern technology. We solicit and receive donations for Thrangu Rinpoche's many programs in Nepal, India and Tibet and provide information about the work and projects to all sponsors and donors. Donations are documented and distributed according to the designation of each gift.

In addition to the general fund we have an Endowment/Investment Fund that we would like to see increase to the extent that it could provide funding to sustain these projects in the future.

Each of the volunteer staff works out of their own home with the help of a computer and a telephone! We communicate regularly and have staff meetings via conference calls since we live in different cities throughout California. Our overhead is very low, currently less than 2% of all donations received. Expenditures are still part of what is helping overseas. We must pay Federal and State fees, pay for stamps and envelopes to send letters from students to their sponsors, pay for our post office box and many such things that make it possible to support the people and projects. (Giving to HCF operations is still being of benefit to the Himalayan people!)

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