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In Nepal, Thrangu Rinpoche has his original monastery in Boudhanath, a monastic and educational center in the mountains at Namo Buddha, Nubri and Lumbini, and a traditional three year retreat near Bhaktapur. Additionally, Rinpoche has a monastic and educational center in Sarnath, India - Vajra Vidya Institute. The monks are mobile between locations depending on their tasks and the yearly schedule. Monks studying in the Shedra (a monastic college) study part of the year in India and part in Nepal.

Young grade and high school age monks receive both a secular and monastic education. They may study at Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School in Boudhanath (SMD) or at the branch school in Namo Buddha (SMDBS), these monks may also be mobile between locations spending a few years at the school in Boudha and the rest at Namo Buddha according to how they are assigned by their teachers and Thrangu Rinpoche.

There are three categories of sponsorship for monks:

1) Basic sponsorship for a monk is $240 (USD) per year.

2) Sponsorship of a monk at SMD or SMDBS is $480 (USD) per year.

To view photos of school monks who need sponsors click here

3) Sponsorship of a Shedra Monk is $600 (USD) per year.


For more information please contact:
Debra Ann Robinson-Menzies, Director 310.395.6616
Himalayan Children's Fund P.O. Box 15644, Beverly Hills, California 90209 USA

Young Monk at VVI
Young Monk at VVI
Class of 2nd year monks at VVIClass of 2nd year monks at VVI

Monks studying acupunctureMonks practice acupuncture at
Namo Buddha Mentsee Khang (Clinic)

Learning to read Learning to read at
Namo Buddha

Exam time for Shedra monks at Namo BuddhaExam time for Shedra monks at Namo Buddha

Making Torma
Making Torma at Namo Buddha


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