Endowment Fund

There is a great need for support beyond what our current sponsorship provides and a deep wish to insure the longevity of these great projects well into the future. With this in mind we established the Endowment Fund in October of 2000. This is an investment account which is committed to socially responsible investing and is generously managed on our behalf by Colorado Capital Management in Boulder, Colorado. Our hope is that this fund will grow large enough to sustain the projects now and in the future.

All contributions are gratefully accepted. Please consider giving generously to our Endowment Fund.
Be sure to watch our growth: Link to Stupa

For more information read Endowment Fund Letter from HCF Director.                              

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Contact for Endowment Fund:
Debra Ann Robinson
Himalayan Children's Fund
P.O. Box 15644
Beverly Hills, California 90209 USA
Telephone:  (310) 395-6616

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