Sponsorship of Nuns at Thrangu Tara Abbey

While most of Thrangu Rinpoche's nuns live at Tara Abbey in Swyambunath in Nepal, some are in the traditional three year retreat in Manang, others are studying in various places in India and a few are living and teaching at centers abroad. Sponsorship money is pooled to provide for all nuns equally and the nuns are eager to correspond with their sponsors.

To view photos of nuns who need sponsors click here.

Full sponsorship for a nun is $240 (USD) per year.

To sponsor a nun contact:

Debra Ann Robinson
Himalayan Children's Fund
P.O. Box 15644
Beverly Hills, California 90209 USA
Telephone:  (310) 395-6616

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Purchase Incense
The nuns who have studied medicine make their own incense by hand. Included in the ingredients are small portions from precious trees which grow near the Tsurphu Monastery in Tibet. You may find out more and purchase this incense online at

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