Letter From Rinpoche
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From the desk of
The Very Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche

Just as a seed needs certain conditions to grow and develop into a flower, so do human beings need the right conditions to grow to full maturity. Without proper nourishing food, sufficient clothing and all that is needed for good health, a child will not grow well and may not even live. Likewise, without the proper loving guidance and education, a child's life is lost. It will not be possible for the full potential of the adult to flourish. And though the child may grow into an adult, the potential of mind will be stunted and this loss is tragic.

As I see the poor and refugee people of Tibet, Nepal and Ladhak, I see the possibilities, but also the desperate lack of conditions. Therefore, I want to help. But as a monk, though I have all I need, I really have very few resources of my own. It has been through the kindness and generosity of many people around the world that I now have several projects underway to help the children and young men and women of the Himalayan Region.

In Nepal I have a monastery and school in Boudhanath, a retreat center in Namo Buddha, and an abbey in Swyambu. There are so many children and young adults now that these places are overcrowded and conditions are not the best they could be. It would be very good if I could expand the nunnery, move the monks to better quarters at Namo Buddha and provide better facilities for the children in the school.

I also have been rebuilding the Thrangu Monastery in Tibet and am in the process of building a Shedra or Monastic College in Sarnath, India. Both of these places will provide an opportunity for higher education in Buddhist studies and bring benefit to a wide number of people.

I know these seem to be quite large projects, but if they can continue to exist they will really help so many people. Instead of wasted lives these many “flowers” will blossom and bring benefit to others.

If there is any way you could please help I would be most grateful.

Thank you.
Thrangu Rinpoche

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