This was written and offered to Thrangu Rinpoche by Jane Ferguson on July 27th during a teaching on, "The Ocean of Certainty" (or Nyedon Gyamtso in Tibetan). The teaching was given at Buckhorn Camp in Idyllwild, California.

The Audience is Glistening

Peaceful and relaxed in Samatha
Where and how does mind arise, abide and go?
Finding but the brightness of our looking
And "looking" of the empty mind we've come to know.

Creating an appearance
Mind is that color, form and sound.
The wall of trees before us as we walk
Is "mind" appearance, moment-framed.
Irritations, a symphony, sipping an espresso
Emptiness abiding all the same.

Knowing mind is rattled
Experiencing "running mind":
Active.  Light.  Amidst the empty show.
Strengthening our resilience for all dimensions
                                               We bow
If only in the traffic lights
Or stage lights of ever present Now.

Simplicity, more easy to fathom than to live by;
How unattached to drama and brave we need to be
But by recalling the flash of your peerless wisdom's smile
                                              Dear Rinpoche
That quick can we be shining presently
No where and twinkling and free.

                                               Thank you, Rinpoche