May 24, 2003



Namo Buddha Publications now has a completely new book by Thrangu Rinpoche, The Jewel Ornament of Liberation published in cooperation with Zhyisil Chokyi Ghatsal of New Zealand. This 400-page commentary is on Gampopa's great treatise outlining the Buddhist path. It includes a color painting of Marpa, a summary of the root text, and extensive notes, and a glossary.

His Holiness, the 17th Karmapa says of this book, "Here are presented talks by the unequaled spiritual friend, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. These talks are especially wonderful in presenting the teachings so that they are easily understood and their meaning realized. It is said that if one practices the profound Dharma given here, now and in the future, one will become truly joyful."

Through a generous donation by Zhyisil Chokyi Ghatsal, all proceeds of this book will go towards building Thrangu Rinpoche's Vajra Vidya Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado. The cost of book is $ 25.00 and postage is free. If you would like a copy of this wonderful book, please email your name and address. We will send the book along with an invoice. This way you can receive an excellent book and contribute to the building of the Vajra Vidya retreat center.


PREPARATIONS UNDERWAY for Thrangu Rinpoche's Visit to Crestone

Thrangu Rinpoche returns to Crestone, Colorado for a June 13-22 Retreat. Confirmation information has been sent out to participants. Booklets describing the Mahamudra and Dzogchen practices have been sent in order to prepare people for the teachings on the text by Karma Chagme "The Union of Mahamudra and Dzongchen". Two Empowerments will be given. Manjurshi will be given on Sunday, the 14th and Vajrakilia on Thursday the19th. During Rinpoche's stay discussions will take place on the building of the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center and a model will be on display for everyone to see what the center will look like. It is still possible to attend the retreat and inquires can be made to
Vajra Vidya Retreat Program
(719) 256-5367



Thrangu Rinpoche will teach on the 7 Point Mind Training "Developing the Good Heart" June 7 - 8, 2003. The focus of this year's teaching will be Lojong, the Seven Points of Mind Training. "Lojong," or mind-heart training, harmonizes the whole person with their own Buddha nature, releasing its innate compassion and love (bodhichitta). From this method, the bodhisattva path naturally unfolds, and we learn to take even personal difficulties and sufferings as a fuel for stronger compassion and deeper wisdom. The lojong practice has two elements: the practice, which is tonglen (exchanging self for others), and the teaching, which comes in the form of slogans. The origin of the texts related to this approach can be traced to the Indian master Dharmaraksita, author of The Wheel of Sharp Weapons. Originally brought to Tibet in the 11th century by the great Indian master Lord Atisha, these teachings, in an unbroken lineage, condense the vast body of Buddhist scriptures and canons into heart-essence, or 'pith' instructions.
Karma Mahasiddha Ling
(909) 659-3401



Rinpoche will teach June 27 - July 1 in Portland, Oregon at the Kagyu Changchub Choling center. The teaching on June 28/29 will be on The Profound Methods of Buddhist Tantra. On July 1 he will give a Vajrasattva Empowerment.
Contact: Michael Conklin
Phone: 503.890.4243
Fax: 493.2566
Dora DeCoursey e-mail:



Thrangu Rinpoche will teach on Saraha's Doha for the People at the Sky-Hy Lodge in Topsham, Maine July 18 to 26th, 2003. The retreat will begin 8PM on Friday and end Saturday the 26th at 5:00 PM. The cost of the full retreat including three meals is $ 580. There are 50 beds in third floor dorm rooms and about half of us will be camping.

For more information on the 8th Vajravidya Main Retreat please contact Sheila Denny-Brown, HCR 77, Box 164A, Hancock ME, 04640. Sheila's email is and phone is (207) 422-3367.



Dear friend in Buddha-dharma,

Conceived in mid-February by the Los Angeles Dharma Study Group, the mentor of which is Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, this project is in the great tradition of drupchen, or "great offering of prayer in the form of mantra."

Its purpose is to help smooth the way for the Gyalwa Karmapa, who is dedicated to overcoming the suffering of all beings, so that he can readily visit us.

His Holiness Karmapa Urgyen Trinley Dorje is 17th in a thousand-year line of great incarnated beings, and in January 2000, he emerged from Tibet so that he could further his preparation for his role. India graciously offered him refuge and he is in temporary residence at a small monastery, where facilities are limited. His official seat is at Rumtek in the state of Sikkim. Once he assumes the throne there, it is expected he will be able to travel freely both inside India and abroad.

Ven. Bardor Tulku Rinpoche of Karma Triyana Dharmachakra and Raktrul Monastery, and Umdze (chantmaster) Bai Karma of Rumtek have given consent for monks and laypeople at Rumtek Monastery to participate in June 2003. They will accumulate 10, 000, 000 or more. However, this is not an exclusively Karma Kagyu project. As the Karmapa has said, he does not "belong" only to a single group of people.

As an expression of heartfelt-connection to 17th Karmapa Urgyen Trinley Dorje and a way to support him, all Buddhist practitioners can join in this offering of one billion repetitions of the mantra: Karmapa chenno (or, as pronounced in central Tibetan, Karmapa kyenno.)

I have been asked by the initiator, Vic Gabriel, to help with coordination, along with Tenzin Choedrak (Anthony Bruno) of Simhananda web site,

In order to determine the actual standing of the project, we would ask you to submit personal or group totals on a regular basis to help in planning ahead. The objective date is July 31, 2003. Changes in group totals should go to

Any questions about the project, and numbers offered by unaffiliated participants, should be sent to me at

Karmapa chenno!



Clark Johnson
1390 Kalmia Avenue
Boulder CO 80304-1813
Phone: (303) 449-6608

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