June 18, 2001

Dear People,

Right now Thrangu Rinpoche is in Taiwan and will soon becoming to North America beginning July 27, 2001.

FIRST of all, there is a position open at Vajra Vidya in Sarnath India to teach the monks English.  These are very intelligent and motivated monks who
are about 18 to 25 years old. If you are interested in this position, please contact Clark Johnson (cjohnson@ix.netcom.com).

SECOND, we have an appeal from Gloria Jones in Nepal where you have probably heard that the prince killed the beloved king and queen of Nepal:

It was quite terrible here for a few days with the grief and confusion that everyone was feeling plus the riots and curfews here but yesterday and today were peaceful.   H.H. Sakya Trinzen conducted a monlam on the stupa last night (full moon) with monks from all the monasteries in the area participating.  The monlam was dedicated to the King and royal family who were killed last Friday and to peace for the people of Nepal.


Thrangu Tashi Choling Monastery in Boudhanath, Thrangu Rinpoche's main seat, is very much in need of a filter system that will filter all the water coming into the monastery.  The water in this area is very polluted with water born bacteria and germs, plus chemical pollutants and just plain filth.

The type of filter system required has three components:  first the water goes through a crude filter to get out all the dirt etc., then it goes through a second, fine charcoal filter and lastly the water is treated with chemicals that destroy all bacteria, guardia etc.

The monastery is overcrowded and the monks (especially the small ones of which there are over 100) get skin problems, many health problems caused by water born germs such as hepatitis and very bad stomach problems.  It is impossible to boil water for the whole monastery, even just for drinking and bottled water is too costly.  The skin problems are caused by germs both in washing and in breeding on wet towels.

Filter systems were installed some years ago in Thrangu Rinpoche's boarding school and also Thrangu Tara Abbey, the nunnery.  There was a drastic
decrease in health problems in both institutions.

The filter system for the monastery will cost approximately $7,500 including installation costs, pipes etc.  We have a donation already for $2,000.

Please help to solve this serious problem!

Funds can be sent to Himalayan Childrens Fund or any of the non profit foundations for Thrangu Rinpoche's projects.

For further information or information on how to send funds directly contact:
Gloria Jones,
Secretary to Thrangu Rinpoche

THIRD we have a notice from Vancouver:

Dear Dharma Friends and Members of the Sangha,

I am very happy to announce that The Very Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche will be giving Chikshe Kundrol
empowerments in Vancouver from the 9th to 15th of August at our retreat centre in Ladner. Chikshe Kondrol includes all empowerments of the Kagyu
Lineage. By receiving these empowerment, Rinpoche gives you the opportunity to find out your own yidam of practice. Once one practice one's yidam, one would progress quickly on the path toward enlightenment.

The cost is 350 CDN$ or 240 US$.

Due to limited space, please register as soon as possible to reserve your place by sending a cheque to:

        Karme Thekchen Choling
        3991 Moresby Drive
        Richmond. BC V7C 5G3

Reservation is by first come first reserve basis.

For more informations please contact:
Ed   604-608-0772
or Ping 604-271-6322
or KTC  604-873-8080
or email ktcvan@home.com

For accommodations please contact:
        The Ranch House 604-946-1553,
          www.bbcanada.com/2160 html
or Paterson House 604-952-0952, www.bnb.bc.ca
or Country Inn 604-940-6290,   countryinn@telus.net

May your practice be strong, and you be happy and healthy,


FOURTH Namo Buddha Publications is looking for color pictures of the Third Karmapa (Rangjung Dorje), Asanga, and Atisha for book covers. A
closeup color photograph done by a good 35 MM camera (not one of those small cameras) will do fine. If you are interested, please contact Clark.

FIFTH, Namo Buddha Publications is now offering two books that are not by Thrangu Rinpoche. We are offering hard to get classic Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche (Paperback, 98 pages, $ 12.95 with a 10% discount for 1-2 copies, and 40% for 5 or more copies) which is about the four Mahayana schools.  We are also offering Ascertaining Certainty About the View (Paperback, 250 pages, $ 15.95 with 10% discount for 1-2 copies and 40% for 5 or more copies). This book contains the Seventh Chapter of Jamgon Kongtrul's 7th chapter on the view with an extensive commentary by the Khenpo Tsultrim who taught with Thrangu Rinpoche for many years at the Nalanda Shedra in the Sixteen Karmapa's school in Rumtek.



I also enclose a scan of Karmapa and Thrangu Rinpoche at Vajra Vidya in Sarnath courtesy of Susan Spilman who attended the program this March.

Clark Johnson
Namo Buddha Publications
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Boulder, CO 80304-1813
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