September 7, 2005

Dear People,

There will be a number of ways to check on the activities at the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center with our resident Lamas, Khenpo Jigme, and Lama Wangdu. We will post events on the website and we will send out a monthly calendar via e-mail. The intention will be to keep the information about the teachings and practice sessions available to everyone.

We hope to spread the word about the fortunate situation at Vajra Vidya Retreat Center!

Since Khenpo Jigme and Lama Wangdu arrived in Colorado on July 3rd, 2005 they have remained busy with:

In doing everything they have been outstanding. Shared thoughts by some of the retreatants that have come to practice at VVRC will be on the website. The unique way and very traditional way that Khenpo and Lama are teaching can be conveyed by how they taught and instructed the Medicine Buddha week-end. They taught the sadhana or puja by explaining the history and source of the practice then taught the mudras and ritual. The practice was done three times a day filling in with the specifics of how to do every aspect of the practice. The last evening they did the Chod for participants who were moved by the depth of this genuine Dharma expression. The experience was that it was now possible to go back home with the explanation and instructions on how to do the practice. It is now possible to receive the Lung and tri, that is, the permission and instruction of the practices of our precious and profound lineage.

One of the expressed thoughts was that the experience felt like we were in a "Tibetan monastery here in America."

The temporary shrine room is TOO small so that These Lamas would very much like to start building a shrine room that would accommodate a lot more people and so a fund raising campaign has been launched and you may have already received your packet. Please consider helping us in achieving this aspiration.


Planned for this coming year are:

Several week-end teachings on different practices. A week retreat will follow for those practitioners that can stay to establish the practice taught on the week-end. For example: Week-end teachings on the Ngondro, prostrations, Vajrasattva, Mandala, Guru Yoga and then one week of that practice. As soon as the schedule is set we will send it out.

Planned presently is:
September 23 to 25th—Green Tara Intensive practice weekend –Make your reservations soon!
September 26 to October 15 – Lama Wangdu and Khenpo Jigme will be in New York and Maine teaching at Thrangu Rinpoche’s centers.

*We have openings for September--- consider your retreat and contact 719-256-5539 to make a reservation! The rates are still $35 per day including three meals a day.


We now have fully consecrated and blessed statues available for donations towards that new shrine room. We were fortunate to have relics similar to the last set of statues that were consecrated when Thrangu Rinpoche was here. Pictures will soon appear on the website.









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