December 27, 2003

Dear People,

We hope that the holidays were good and that the new year brings happiness to all.

Brief Updates!!


We are happy to announce that we have begun to build the North Wing of the Vajra Vidya Retreat center. A beautiful road to the center is now complete (See photo on right). Construction vehicles can now deliver their material.

The site has been graded and the ditches for the spread footers have been made (See photo on left which also shows the straw bale construction hut).

Next week the material for the walls (ICF) will be delivered and as soon as we get a stretch of warm weather we will be pouring concrete.

We will be mailing out brochures with the latest information on the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center within the next month. If you would like to receive this further information, a description and floor plan of the building and a letter by Thrangu Rinpoche concerning Vajra Vidya, please send us your latest snail mail address.

The plan is to have the North wing of the retreat center completed by July when Thrangu Rinpoche comes to give a 9 day teaching on the bardo (the dates are July 23rd to July 31st 2004). Hopefully, Thrangu Rinpoche and his monks will stay in the center and be its first occupants.

Thrangu Rinpoche's web site (WWW.RINPOCHE.COM) has been updated to carry new information on the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center. Please visit for regular updates.


For the first time in 10 years Namo Buddha Publications will be temporarily closed. Clark and Pat are leaving for India to attend His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa's Hevajra Drupchen. We will be talking with Thrangu Rinpoche about details regarding the retreat center.



Many people are getting the idea from various sources that it unsafe to come to Nepal and I have been getting many letters asking me about this. Actually, no foreigners have ever been harmed by the Maoists in Nepal. Katmandu is normal. The fighting takes place in the rural areas in various pockets. It is difficult for the village people in these areas but Katmandu is not affected and nearly all the trekking routes are being used. Tourism is up 45% over last year. The big hotels are full. I live here full-time and do not feel any fear. In Boudhanath area there are many foreigners staying and studying in various monasteries. As well, there are students of Thrangu Rinpoche staying at Namo Buddha. They have had no difficulties.
Gloria Jones, Secretary to Thrangu Rinpoche
Boudhanath, Nepal
December 14, 2003


Thrangu Rinpoche is pleased to announce that the Namo Buddha Educational Program will be offering a Tibetan Language Intensive Program in the summer of 2004. This is in response to numerous requests from his students who wish to learn Tibetan. It will be a residential program lasting eight weeks and includes:

• Instruction in basic Tibetan learning conversational skills
• Supervised readings of Tibetan texts
• Exposure to Tibetan and Nepali culture
• Escorted day tours to sites in and around the Katmandu valley
• Meditation instruction and dharma teachings.

For those not interested in Buddhist teachings, alternate educational opportunities will be provided.
The faculty will include professional lay teachers and Khenpos from the faculty of Thrangu Rinpoche’s shedra. Monks from the monastery will be available to help students practice at developing their conversational skills. The program will be limited and the classes kept small to provide for maximum individual attention. All the students will be housed together at the monastery's guesthouse. This is a new facility with accommodations available to western standards. Vegetarian meals will be provided. The students will be encouraged to converse and carry on daily activities in Tibetan as much as possible. At the end of the program, an optional pilgrimage may be available to those interested. The itinerary would include Lumbini, Sarnath and possibly Bodh Gaya. Other sites could possibly be considered. Email any questions or to request a reservation for this program please email:
Gene Kudirka, BS,
MM Program Director

"Compassion is the road to enlightenment and the more compassion we have, the further we are along this road to enlightenment."

"The measure of realizing emptiness is the degree of non-attachment to oneself."

"The Buddhist Path will make one a better person"

Three quotes from Adzom Paylo Rinpoche Crestone, Colorado, Dec.16th, 2003

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