March 29, 2004

Dear people,

We would like to update you on the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado which will be Thrangu Rinpoche’s first retreat center in North America.

The ground breaking for the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center began August 21, 2003. Because of delays having to do with permits and utility placement, the retreat center construction actually began in November, 2003. In order to have something in operation as soon as possible a decision was made to carry out the project in three stages. At that time the consensus was that we had enough money to build the infrastructure for the whole building in the North Wing. (mechanical room, plumbing and heating and the kitchen which will serve the whole building)

A beautiful access road was completed in early December. The end of March, 2004 will see completed the first floor with the roughed in mechanical room, as well as the electrical and plumbing. As of last Friday March 19th the second floor foundation was completed and the second floor walls are being installed.

The building has basically come out of the ground so that the first floor is now at ground level and there will be no basement. The attached drawing shows that from the dinning room one now walks out to the land directly.

The outer shell will be weatherized with the roof, walls, floors ,and exterior stucco applied. The outside windows and doors will be finished in May of this year completing the exterior of the North Wing.

Because of the delays and having to create the longer road this is where we will have to temporally stop. In order to complete the interior finishing so that retreatants can occupy the building additional funds will be required. Our fund raising will be on going until we are able to open the doors for occupancy.

This summer Thrangu Rinpoche's retreat will cover the teachings on the four bardos. Participants will be able to visit and see first hand how the development of the retreat center is happening.

The attached photos of the building are as of March 6th, 2004 showing the retreat center against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (see website and choose “Centers” for more details). The second photo shows the first floor where the kitchen, caretaker's quarters, dining room (with double doors), reading room, bathroom rooms, and the mechanical room will be.

Look for the next email that contains further information and the registration form for the retreat program with Thrangu Rinpoche July 23rd through July 31st, 2004.


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