April, 2006

The Vajra Vidya Retreat Center Newsletter
Vajra Vidya, P. O. Box 1083, Crestone CO, 81131
Phone: (719)256-5539
Website: www.VajraVidyaRetreatCenter.org

Short and Long-term Retreats under the direction of
Thrangu Rinpoche's Resident Lamas: Lama Karma Wangdu and Khenpo Jigme


Schedule a retreat this spring or summer!

Thrangu Rinpoche’s Vajra Vidya Retreat Center has openings for April, May, and June. During this time the two resident lamas will be here except for a few weekends. The cost is still $35 a day which includes three meals.

Getting Ready for Rinpoche’s program

May spring and daylight savings time be the source of more practice for all of us!

At Vajra Vidya Retreat Center time stands outside the speed of daily life in the city. For over of year now there has been the continual sound of praying to Manjushri for the wisdom to cut all that obscures the mind’s omniscience.

In the time where we work on preparations for this summer’s program with Thrangu Rinpoche there have been daily discussions with the lamas on the Shentong view. There must have been focus on this profound teaching as we have had the quickest response so far. We have over 120 people registered and many requests and questions about the retreat program.

There is still room, but if you need accommodations you need to call Cal at CAVA soon. The deadline is May 1st. After that all the rooms that Cal has been holding for us will go on the open market and that means that it will be difficult because it is the tourist season and there is another program going on at the same time. As has been said all along housing will be a challenge. CAL AT CAVA TOLL FREE------866-351-2282 or local 719-256-5210

Those of you who are registered may already be receiving confirmation from Lama Wangdu who is taking care of emailing you and answering questions. He is learning fast. We will soon be sending out information on the meal program and transportation to Vajra Vidya from the Denver airport.

The Shentong View

The topic of this year’s retreat in Crestone will be Taranatha’s commentary on the Heart Sutra from the Shentong view. We will pass out at the program a copy of the English and Tibetan of this text and will, of course, video and audio tape Thrangu Rinpoche’s commentary.

In talking with Rinpoche about the topic we had talked about a book by Cyrus Stearns called “The Buddha from Dolpo.” In response Thrangu Rinpoche said he will teach a text by Dolpopa who is credited with having published the first systematic teaching of the Shentong view. Dolpopa’s teachings were the source of Taranatha’s teachings. Thrangu Rinpoche is one of the foremost scholars on the Shentong view and so in 2007 we will be receiving a teaching from Thrangu Rinpoche on one of Dolpopa’s treatises. Stearn’s book is out of print but we have been able to find a source and are ordering copies to have available through Namo Buddha Publications.

The relevance of this is that we will be receiving teaching on a topic that has been obscured by history but that has finally surfaced in texts that were not shared openly. These subtle and profound teachings clarify the definitive meaning of emptiness from the Shentong view. At Vajra Vidya this has sparked many wonderful discussions at meal times with Khenpo and Lama about the Shentong view.

Vajra Vidya’s April Schedule

April 3-4th. We had a Ngondro weekend with spectacular instructions. Refuge and prostrations and Vajrasattva were covered laying the ground in detail and exposition on the whys as well as the how. The next Ngondro week-end will cover Mandala and Guru Yoga. Information will be on the calendar.

April 13. There will be a Sukavati ceremony for persons who have recently died at 2:00 PM to 6:00PM. You can email in names and this practice is more fully described on our website: VajraVidyaRetreatCenter.org.

April 16  in Boulder, Colorado. Lama and Khenpo will be teaching on Chenrezig starting at 10:00AM.
For more info contact Terry Lukas at: terrylukas@earthlink.net

April 21, 22, 23 in Aspen, Colorado. Lama and Khenpo will be teaching on the Bardo. For information visit: www.bardo.sattvafoundation.org

April 24-30th. We will have a rare closing on Vajra Vidya Retreat Center.

Daily schedule: All are welcome to practice with us.
Morning practice is opening prayers and sitting meditation each day at 8AM to 9AM.
In the evening Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is Chenrezig; Tuesday and Thursday is White Tara;
Saturday is Medicine Buddha; and Sunday is Konchog Chidu (Guru Rinpoche) practice.
All evening practices are from 7:00 to 8:00PM.


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