May 11, 2004

Dear People:


Registration is still open for the Crestone Retreat July 23rd - July 30th. Accommodations are filling up and if you need help let us know. The teaching will be on the four Bardos. The evening of July 30th a special night will be planned for Rinpoche. Come and see the first Vajra Vidya Retreat Center in the USA.


Two new videos have been released that feature the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa. They are "Ngondro: Karma Kagyu Preliminaries" and "Three Teachings by Karmapa." These beautifully produced DVD's are of great interest to all Dharma students. This DVD on the"Three Teachings" by His Holiness Karmapa gives over 90 minutes of teachings. Two of the three teachings were presented last year at Thrangu Rinpoche's Vajra Vidya Institute in Sarnath, India (the third was given a month later in Daramsala). The Karmapa was 17 at the time of the teachings.

The Three Teachings including Bodhichitta, the Guru Student Relationship, and Shinay and Lhagtong Meditation are the first teachings by His Holiness to be recorded on video. Both the presentation and the recording are superb. Viewers can listen to His Holiness teach in Tibetan while the translator provides a voice-over in English, or listen to the English only while the camera remains focused on His Holiness's face, or listen to the Tibetan only. One is impressed by His Holiness's command of language, his confidence, and his apparently ageless wisdom. The questions and answer sessions are remarkable. His Holiness exhibits humor and delight in these exchanges. At times, his extraordinary face lights up with a brilliant smile. Highly recommended!


The "Ngondro" DVD might seem interesting only to students who are planning to undertake ngondro or who are currently engaged in the practices. However, there is more here than just instruction on how to perform the four special preliminaries. Of course, instruction is provided with clarity and a useful level of detail, by Lama Karma Wangdu of Thrangu Rinpoche's Namo Buddha Retreat Center in Nepal. The entire sadhana for each practice is presented, with subtitles in English and transliterated Tibetan. Each sadhana can be repeated by pressing a replay button.

But this DVD is inspiring for other students as well. His Holiness Karmapa recites the Dorje Chang lineage prayer, His Excellency Tai Situ Rinpoche urges students to regard ngondro as a complete path to enlightenment, and Thrangu Rinpoche provides an overall commentary and introduction to each of the four preliminaries. Rinpoche's introduction may help to answer the question, "How many prostrations do I actually have to do?" Rinpoche says, "Do at least 100,000."

These DVDs retail elsewhere for $ 29.95. Each DVD is available from Namo Buddha Publications for only $24.95. All proceeds from the sale of the Ngondro video go to Thrangu Rinpoche. For the Karmapa video, part goes to His Holiness and part to Rinpoche.

Namo Buddha Publications is not only a non-profit but the staff is volunteer so all proceeds go directly to Thrangu Rinpoche and the Retreat Center. Buying directly from NBP allows all sales to go to Rinpoche. The financial return for all of Rinpoche's is greater if purchases are made through NBP as well.


Namo Buddha Publications
P. O. Box 1083
Crestone, CO 81131

Email us with you address and we will send the DVD(s) to you with an invoice. You pay when you receive the DVDs.



The photo shows the view from a window in the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center, which is nearing Shell completion. When the first phase is completed, you could be looking at this view from your retreat room. We look forward to many visitor this summer!


Blessing in the Dharma,
NBP staff



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