Manifestation of True Mind

It is impossible to win oil by pounding sand. You first need the empowerments and instructions from the oral tradition that was given to me, like winning oil from seeds. This is not belittling what you have done so far.

The ultimate view depends entirely upon one’s own mind. If one searches for a view anywhere else but within one’s own mind, one will not find it. One needs to learn to see the own mind directly, void by nature while lucid and clear. This takes place in every instant and has always been present. Seeking the ultimate view outside the own mind is like a big blind person digging for gold.

Meditation practice is not being concerned about drowsiness or agitation but simply resting in mind’s innate purity. Rejecting or accepting distractions that do arise is just as silly as lighting a butter lamp in the sunshine.

An advanced practitioner does not resort to rules and regulations that he or she does not need anymore but experiences them as useless struggles and concerns. Attempting to be good and to avoid bad is like a bee caught in a web. The more the bee struggles to free itself, the more it becomes tangled in the web and will not find release.

Continuously placing one’s mind within the ultimate view is not ultimate samaya. The ultimate result is nothing other than the manifestation of true mind itself. Seeking ultimate results elsewhere is like a tortoise trying to fly by hopping into the sky.

-- Jetsun Milarepa, translated by Jim Scott.

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