A Departing Aspiration Prayer

Father protector of wanderers, you who’ve fulfilled your heartfelt wish,
at your feet oh Marpa the translator I bow down with gratitude.

All your students whose lives have brought you here,
all of you have been so kind to me, and I have also been kind to you.
Equally kind we are, teacher and students. I pray we meet in True Joy’s pure domain.
All you good people who live here at this place, may you enjoy long life and merit full.
And may wrong thinking not come to you, your wishes be fulfilled to Dharma true.

This country, too, may it enjoy prosperity, be free of sickness and of fighting free,
enjoy good harvests, the good grain growing well.
May everyone be happy and may all of their endeavours
be ways of living Dharma through and through.

May those who’ve seen my face or heard what I have had to say
and those who keep my story in their minds,
those who’ve only heard of it or only heard my name,
may we meet in True Joy’s pure domain.

Anyone who lives by this story of my life or uses it to practice Dharma by,
or writes it down, explains, or listens to it being told, or reads it through,
makes offerings, or lives up to its spirit, may we all meet in True Joy’s pure domain.

And what of all those people yet to come in future times,
if they can also learn to meditate in weathering the hardships and
managing hard times, may they be free of hindrance and not stray.

Those undertaking hardships for the Dharma’s sake build up merit far too great to tell.
Those who inspire others to take up this call, their kindness stretches far too far to tell.
For those who hear of this austere way to live, blessings gather far too high to pile.

These are three qualities beyond all measurement, and through the blessing of these three may merely hearing set them free.
By merely wishing may their wish come true.

May all of the places where I’ve settled for a while be sites of joy and comfort for the mind, and all of my possessions, however few they be, wherever they end up, may they bring joy.
And just as the elementary principles of earth and water, fire, wind, and space are everywhere you go, may I be just like that as well. May I be everywhere that you go.

May nagas, gods, and so on, in their eight battalion ranks, and lokapalas,
and all hords of fiends, may they not wreak their havoc even for an instant’s time,
their every wish fulfilled to Dharma true.

May every creature down to the smallest worm fall into samsara never more.
For each and every one without a single one left out,
may I be there to lead them on their way.

-- Jetsun Milarepa, translated by Jim Scott.

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