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Tulku Damcho's 2014 European Teaching Schedule


October 1 Hong Kong Opening Ceremony of Lantau Island Retreat Center
Event: Fire Puja      Time: 10:00am
Venue: 24, Ngong Ping Estate, Lantau Island
Fee: HK$500 (Full fare including transportation, lunch buffet and puja materials).  
HK$200 ( Only included puja materials)  
Call for registration.
Tel: (852) 2760 8381
Oct 28 - Nov 5 Namo Buddha, Nepal Thrangu Tsedrup - Annual long life prayers for Thrangu Rinpoche
November 4 Namo Buddha, Nepal 10:00 am - Lama Dancing
2:00 pm - Long Life Empowerment given by Thrangu Rinpoche
November 13 Lumbini, Nepal
Consecration Ceremony for Canada Thrangu Monastery, Lumbini, Nepal
November 13 is Lhabab Duchen
Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. 
December 1   Thrangu Rinpoche's 82nd Birthday - Tibetan Calendar 10th day of 10th month (Guru Rinpoche Day)


January 21 - 27 Sarnath, Varanasi, India The 13th Hevajra Pujas at Vajra Vidya Institute. Presided over by Thrangu Rinpoche.
February 23 - March 6  Sarnath, Varanasi, India

Vajra Vidya Institute Annual Seminar at the Vajra Vidya Institute
Subject: Chapter on Instructions on Mahamudra from the new translation of
The Torch of True Meaning
by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye
To reserve accomodation at VVI contact: Gloria Jones

March 28 - April 1 Kathmandu (Boudha),
Namo Buddha Annual Seminar at Shree Mangal Dvip School in Boudha
Subject: Two Songs to Inspire Practice by Khenpo Gangshar Wangpo
August 15 Qinghai, Tibet Inauguration of the rebuilt Thrangu Monastery in Tibet
For further information see  More information will be posted.


Schedule arranged by Gloria Jones/ Send Email or Phone: 00977-1-214-0440 (Nepal)
For further details about programs, please contact the center organizers

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