Before the Chinese invasion of Tibet, in the monastery of Thrangu Tashi Choling, there were many great, holy beings possessing the qualities of learning, nobility and accomplishment.  One of the extraordinary among them was Lama Tsoknyi.  His innate spirituality was evident from childhood.  Having given rise to remarkable faith and renunciation, he performed two thousand Nyungnes (the practice of the ritual of the Thousand-Armed Chenreyzig) with great austerity.  Through this, extraordinary experience and realization were born in him.  He became famous and benefited others through the Nungne practice by the convening of six thousand Nungnes.  He also created new retreat facilities, renovated old temples, and engaged in other activities that served to beautify the teachings.

After his death, Lama Tsoknyi was reborn in Nupri in northern Nepal.  Because of his habit of virtue, he wished from an early age to receive monastic vows.  At the time that Thrangu Tashi Choling in Kathmandu, Nepal was being built, he decided to become a monk of that monastery and so he traveled there.  Because the monastery was new and quite small, there was not enough room for him.  When it was explained to him that he would not be able to remain, in spite of his extreme youth, he cried out of his great faith.  He insisted and would not leave and so he entered the monastery’s sangha.

In both his behavior and studies he was unlike others.  His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche, during a visit to Nepal, bestowed a letter stating his recognition of this monk as the reincarnation of Lama Tsoknyi.  Some time after that, he was enthroned as a tulku. While attending monastic college, he studied with distinction.  In 2007 he completed the traditional three year retreat and a one year Kalachakra retreat.

Tulku Damcho is certain to be of benefit to Buddhist disciples.

Written by the Thrangu Tulku 

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