The First Vajra Vidya Teaching 2001
To Support Ven. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche &
The Printing of Buddhist Sutras

1. Retreat Origins
    At the Request of the Sangha, to continue the Dharma Lineage

Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche is one of the most respected senior khenpos in the Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism.  He is also the most venerated teacher among the four main sects.  His students from all over the world regularly invite Rinpoche to teach the Dharma in each of their own countries.  Rinpoche frequently spends at least 10 months of each year abroad, which leaves only a small amount of time in Nepal for his sangha students.

Over the years the lamas at the Thrangu Monastery have an earnest common wish that their beloved Rinpoche could spend more time at Nepal.  They barely have time to get a glimpse of Rinpoche, much less to ask him for teachings.  Rinpoche is also eager to transmit his practices and experience to all his sangha students, but unfortunately his time is very limited.

The lamas understand that Rinpoche has so many other commitments to attend to, such as dharma institutes, meditation centers, primary schools, medical clinics, and also tirelessly seeking sponsorships for over 1000 of his sangha and lay disciples.

Rinpoche is also getting on in years; it may be too late to ask for dharma teachings.  Recently, realizing the importance of this situation, all the khenpos of Thrangu Dharma Institutes and the lamas of the Thrangu Dharma Kara Publication, representing the sangha of all the monasteries, and all the teachers and students of all the Kagyu Dharma Institutes, reverently supplicate Rinpoche to give them regular teachings each year for two weeks, at Nepal, to benefit all the lamas of the monasteries.  Expenses will he taken care of by the monasteries themselves.  To the joy of all, Rinpoche happily gave his consent.

The first session of Vajra Vidya Teaching is scheduled for winter of 2001.  Rinpoche has instructed that the nature of the teachings at the Vajra Vidya Teaching will not be profound philosophical commentaries, but the essence will be on mind training and oral transmission.  It is Rinpoche’s heartfelt wish that these teachings will benefit all those who attend this teaching, each according to his need.

Continuing the Dharma Lineage through Dharma Books

The Thrangu Dharma Kara Publications was founded by the Ven. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche at the Namo Buddha Monastery in Nepal, in 2000.  The Center has a collection of the recorded tapes of the teachings of most of the great lineage holders of the main Tibetan sects.  These tapes will be transcribed into written words and stored into computers for future proof-reading, translation, and publication purposes.  The Translation Center under the support of the Hwa Yue Foundation in Taiwan and many other sponsors from Hong Kong, has organized and selected many important teachings.  For the purpose of this First Annual Winter Retreat, 2001, the Publication will publish its first text, The Seven Points of Mind Training, in three parts.  The first part is the main text, the second is the commentary by Jamgon Kontrul Rinpoche and the third is the teachings by Thrangu Rinpoche based on this commentary.  It is Rinpoche ‘s wish that the first edition of 2000 copies will he available to those at the 2001 Winter Retreat as well as to benefit all the Dharma Institutes and monasteries, especially those in remote mountain districts.

2. Teaching Schedule
Winter; start from Oct 25, 2001. 2 weeks session.

3. Teaching Site
Namo Buddha Monastery, Nepal.  The Monastery is at the sacred site where Sakyamuni Buddha, in one of his previous lives, sacrificed himself to feed a mother tiger.

4. Teaching Participants
An estimated 160 members of the sangha will attend the retreat, of which 100 are from the Thrangu monasteries, 20 anis, 20 precept lamas from overseas Thrangu Centers, and 20 members from other monasteries.

5. Teaching Situation

6. Sponsorship list
    Whatever amount is leftover from this retreat will be kept in the account of the Dharma Lineage Translation Center, for future pujas and printing free Dharma books.
Sponsorship List 
Total amount
Main Classroom NT NT NT                     US
Long cushion (seats 3) Each NT 1,600 NT 80,000      $2,353
Long sutra table (seats 3) 50 Each NT 1,600 NT 80,000      $2,353
Recording and Microphone System
Sangha Dormitory
Blanket 100 pcs.  Each NT 640 NT 64,000      $4,824
Blanket covers 100 pcs. Each NT 120 NT 12,000      $353
3 meals for 14 days Each day NT4,000 NT 56,000      $1,647
Printing Books
Seven Points of Mind Training ( 2000 copies) NT 50,000      $1,470
Telephone Installation NT 50,000      $1,470
Total Amount NT 382,000     $14,176

For the merit welfare of yourself and your family wholeheartedly support the Sangha and the printing and distribution of Dharma books.

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