Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche’s 80th Birthday Celebration at Namo Buddha

The 80th birthday of Thrangu Rinpoche began with ten days of teaching on Karme Chagme’s “Mountain Dharma” text which was streamed live on the internet. After that the monks and nuns performed the Hevajra sadhana for three days followed by a week of long life prayers for Rinpoche.

Attending the celebrations from abroad were Lodro Nyima Rinpoche from Thrangu Tashi Choling Monastery in Tibet, Zuri Tulku Rinpoche, a tulku of Thrangu Monastery arriving from his monastery in Eastern Bhutan, Khenpo Kharthur Rinpoche from KTD, Woodstock, New York as well as the lamas from Rinpoche’s overseas centers, lamas from other centers and students from many centers in USA, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Unfortunately, Traleg Rinpoche, a tulku of Thrangu Monastery in Tibet passed away recently. He was expected to travel to Nepal during the celebrations. During the ceremonies, Felicity, the wife of Traleg Rinpoche brought his relics to Namo Buddha from Australia. The ceremony to accept the relics was very heartfelt by all.

The birthday celebration on November 23 was attended by over 2,000 people. In the morning, Rinpoche gave long life empowerment to everyone. During the long life prayers leading up to the birthday and on the birthday, many body speech and mind offerings were given to Rinpoche for his long life.

On the day of the birthday, the Hong Kong center (led by Lama Dawa) gave rice to all in the nearby village of Namo Buddha. Altogether it was a joyous celebration.

Thrangu Rinpoche would like to give many thanks to all those who gave their wishes and donations to help with the cost of the celebration.

Photos by Karma Changchub

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