Monthly Weekend Meditation Practice
Comments by Participants

Hello Debra Ann,

I wanted to extend my thanks to you for taking the time to accommodate Micah and I last weekend at the center up in Idyllwild. I recognized many parallels in the methods we employed toward the meditation with what I am already familiar with, but the insight i gained in light of your guidance was very instrumental for me to further my resolve to become more involved in the Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. I look forward to the next workshop (which i will plan on attending for the entire duration of!). Once again, thank you very much and it was a pleasure to meet yourself, Rod, and Craig.

I found this program to be very beneficial to my personal practice. Debra Ann has a wonderful teaching style that brings the concepts of dharma practice, taught by Thrangu Rinpoche and others, into a comfortable environment of direct experience. From the basic points of posture to the methods of tranquility and insight practices, each subject is discussed in detail and then applied to formal sitting. For anyone who needs help with their training, this program offers a conducive setting with a guide that helps bring meditation practice into a clear direct understanding.

If you have attended any of the Debra Ann Weekends and would like to share your experience with others, please email your remarks and we will post them here.