Thrangu Rinpoche Visits The Lumbini Monastery
and goes on a Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites

Thrangu Rinpoche went to the birthplace of the Shakyamuni Buddha in Lumbini to visit the new monastery construction.  The monastery is sponsored by Vajra Vidhya Buddhist Association in Vancouver, Canada and is on the site in the Western Monastic Zone designated for Canada.  Lumbini Development Trust made land available in the monastic zones for countries worldwide and there's now many beautiful monasteries that represent, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Korea, France, Germany etc.

During Rinpoche's stay at the monastery, he and the monks did puja in the temple construction and laid the wealth vase in the foundations.  Rinpoche also honoured the monk staff, construction manager and the workers.

On December 24, 2012 Thrangu Rinpoche went on pilgrimage in the Lumbini area with the monks, the Vice-Chairman of Lumbini Development Trust, Acharya Karma Zangpo, the head archaeologist, Dr. Buddha Basnet and members of the LDT.  This area is 30 kilometers in circumference and within are the birthplaces of the first and second Buddhas of this Kalpa.  The birthplaces are marked with pillars placed there by the Emperor Ashoka. As well there's the ruins of stupas, monasteries and the palace at Kapilabastu where the Buddha Shakyamuni (the fourth Buddha) resided with mother and his father King Suddodhana after his birth in Lumbini.

Rinpoche also went to the ruins of the monastery that the Buddha's father built for him after he attained enlightenment.  This monastery contains the site where Rahula was ordained.  The birthplace of the third Buddha is in India near the Nepal border.

Lastly Rinpoche visited the main temple which is the site of the birthplace of the Shakyamuni Buddha where the Ashokan pillar marks the site.


ArrivalAt KapilavasuAt the ancient stupa ruins
At the birthplace of the 2nd Buddha of this Kalpa.jpg	At the birthplace of the 2nd Buddha of this KalpaAt the main templeBirthplace of the 1st Buddha, Kanakamuni
Lama Tseten Dorje and Rinpoche's brother Yonten GyatsLumbini Monastery ConstructionRinpoche and Acharya Karma Zangpo, Lumbini Dev.Trust Vice-Chairman
Rinpoche and Dr. Buddha Basnet, main archaeologistRinpoche and monk staff Nyima Gyaltsen and Karma SonamRinpoche at the Ashoka pillar marking the Buddha's birthplace
Thrangu Rinpoche at one of the ancient stupa ruinsThrangu Rinpoche on Lumbini pilgrimagewealth vase and puja

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